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I’m Sheri Lynn

Public Health Consultant

Creating Healthy People and Places

Healthy Lives

Healthy living at work, home, school, and the community means different things. I meet you where you are at.

Wellness Workshops

Stress is a fact of day to day life.  Let me tune up your skills to promote health and wellness.


The first step is to assess what supports healthy living and what challenges are in the way.

Public Health

Engaging the whole population brings about change that supports healthy people and places.

Stress Management

If there is one thing that you can do for better health, it’s learning how to go with the flow of everyday stressors.

Wellness Works

Become the person that leads your next health and wellness  effort.  Healthy people are the best places to work.

What Is Health Consulting?

Health Consulting aims to help you take small steps can be taken to live your best life on  your terms.  It is about your strengths.  Public health consulting promotes health of a population.  Work, school, and the community take action to create or build healthy places.


Who Is Consulting For?

Human resource professionals, government leaders, and business owners need health consulting for their wellness initiatives. But employees and volunteers in the community, also benefit from consulting services to make work and the community the best places to live.

Happy group of employees jumping with excitement


1. I work at a small business and help with hiring. How can we get involved with creating a wellness program at no to little cost?

It is hard to get started with all the information on health and wellness.  Take the first step and identify what the business already does that promotes health.  A brief survey can achieve this or just ask employees.  Sometimes you can build from what you already have going.  Example, there is a monthly barbeque with all employees during the summer.  That addresses social domain of health and you could add to that experience.

2. In my neighborhood, we lack a park close by for my children to play. What can I do to get people interested in helping?

Community engagement is hard especially during the pandemic.   Many relied on social media to communicate.  But  in Vermont we also have many public forums to present the issue and gather attention.  Select boards or planning commissions meet about these issues.  There are also recreation and trails committee. 

3. I am so stressed out at work. My co-workers also said they have so much to do, they feel helpless. What can we do?

Stress is part of everyday life.  There are practical things to stay healthy with the stressors.  From shifting perception to exercising regularly, or deep breathing exercises.  Call me about a Stress Management Workshop for you and your co-workers. 

About Me

My clients say I am hard working, driven, and helpful.  Raised in Vermont, I learned about perseverance and commitment to learning, helping people, and creating healthy environments.  I work because I want to make a difference now and for future generations.

The best thing about promoting healthy people and places is that it fits with my daily live and values.  I have fun getting active outdoors, hiking, gardening, and walking my dog.  I feel great satisfaction volunteering in my town to work on community trails, conservation, and green up.  Let’s talk about what drives you and your community to live well.

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